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How to Replace Your Bicycle Chain

Posted on Jul 9, 2013 in News | 0 comments

How to Replace Your Bicycle Chain

A worn chain can cause a host of drivetrain problems: poor shifting, increased chance of mid-ride breakage, and extreme wear on your cassette and chainrings. But avoiding these problems is easy enough—follow these steps to replace your chain like a pro.

Know When to Say Goodbye:

The easiest way is to grab a chain-checker tool at your local bike shop. This device will measure exactly how far your chain has worn, and give you a solid idea of whether you need to replace. Alternatively, you can use the “ruler method.” Using a tape measure or ruler, place the end of one inch at the end of one link. Look twelve complete links down the chain—on a new chain, this rivet will also line up directly with an inch mark. If the rivet is 1/16” past the inch mark, you should replace the chain, but don’t need to replace the sprockets. If it’s 1/8” or more, you’ll probably need to replace both.

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