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The 3 Most Bike-Friendly Cities in the World

Posted on Apr 23, 2013 in News | 0 comments

The 3 Most Bike-Friendly Cities in the World

With gas prices rising and road congestion worsening, many urbanites are turning to cycling as a way to get around. The problem is, few cities are bicycle friendly. Cyclists often have to compete with cars for travel space on the road, then hunt for an empty rack to secure their bikes afterward—if one exists at all. However, cyclists in many countries are beginning to push for investments in cycling infrastructure as a way to not only lower commuting costs, but also to combat obesity and environmental pollution. Several cities have taken the initial steps to support and encourage cycling, but three in particular are hailed as the ultimate bike friendly havens.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Known as the “bicycling capital of Europe,” Amsterdam tops every list of the world’s most bike friendly cities.

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