Our 5 Favorite Wald Bike Baskets

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Our 5 Favorite Wald Bike Baskets

As a cyclist, sometimes you just need a little extra room for storage. Unfortunately backpacks limit the airflow to your back, and they make ironing shirts a lost cause for those of us who bike to work. While panniers can be a great choice for tours and other longer-distance riding, they can be a little over the top for day-to-day tasks like a trip to the grocery store. With a basket on the other hand, you can just drop your cargo and go.

And nobody knows bike baskets better than Wald, where they’ve been making them for over a century. Yep, that’s right. Wald has been making bike baskets and other accessories since 1905. Needless to say, they know a thing or two about making a good basket.

Whether you commute to school, work, or just the grocery store, these 5 baskets will get you and your stuff from point A to point B with minimal hassle.

Wald 137 Black Handlebar Basket137 Handlebar Bike Basket Black – Wald has a reputation for producing timeless designs, and they’ve certainly lived up to it with this basket. The Wald 137 is a simple, classic bike basket with a sleek, black finish for a more contemporary look. In addition to its handlebar mounts, the 137 has a pair of one-piece legs for added stability.
Wald 135 Handlebar Basket


135 Grocery Handlebar Bike Basket Silver – Wald’s old-school aesthetic sensibility really shines through with this one. The 135’s silver finish makes this a great looking accessory for your bike, and the addition of fork clamps ensures that you won’t turn into a slingshot    for your groceries whenever you hit a bump.
Wald 157b Handlebar Bike Basket


157B Bike Handlebar Basket Silver – Another classic-looking silver offering, this 21x15x9-inch basket is for those of you that have some serious hauling needs. With its cargo bands, heavy-duty handlebar clamps, and strong longs, this basket can handle just about anything. Wanna pick up a large pizza? Go for it. Gotta go book shopping for the upcoming semester? Pile ‘em into this basket and be on your way.
Wald 133 Quick Release Handlebar


133 Quick-Release Bike Handlebar Basket White – Another great option from Wald, the 133 is similar to the 137 in appearance, but has a few important differences: First, it requires no tools to mount and dismount, and second, the basket (which is equipped with a handle) is quick-release, meaning you can actually carry it along with you. This one’s perfect for the grocery store.


Wald Rear Twin Bike Basket


520 Rear Twin Bike Basket – A great alternative to panniers, the 520 rear twin basket allows you to haul your load lower and nearer the rear of the bike for additional stability. This one’s great for bigger or heavier items that might make steering difficult in a handlebar basket.

As you’ve probably noticed, Wald makes great baskets for a variety of needs. These were our favorites but ultimately, the ideal basket for you will have everything to do with what your specific needs are. To see our full line of bike baskets from Wald pop over to our store BikeStoreGuys.com. Safe cycling!

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