5 Great Bike Bags for Your Commute

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5 Great Bike Bags for Your Commute

Anyone who’s spent some time commuting by bike knows that a backpack isn’t always ideal for your trip to and from work. Every once in a while, you’ll need to haul something that’s just too big, awkward, or heavy for your pack.

Plus, a backpack can pretty much ruin your chance of showing up with a nicely-pressed shirt. While you could just give up and drive or take the bus, another possibility is investing in a bike bag. That way, you can carry everything you need and your shirt can stay wrinkle-free. Here are 5 of the best bags you can find for your bicycle commute:

1. Topeak Aero Wedge Pack w/ Straps Micro

If you travel light, this very affordable seat bag is perfect. It’s got just enough space for the essentials, and its small size ensures that it won’t rub against your legs during your ride. The internal pockets make sure that your tools and keys stay away from fragile items like inner tubes and phones. This wedge pack also includes both a reflective strip and a mount for your tail-light.  This pack also features Topeak’s proprietary QuickClick mounting system, allowing you to quickly and easily take it with you without the need for extra tools or straps.

2. Topeak MTX Trunk Bag EX

This rear rack bag by Topeak is a great mid-size bag for all of your day-to day needs. Featuring a combination of molded plastic panels for rigidity and 600 denier fabric for water repellency, it also has a divided main compartment, mesh side pockets, and elastic bungees on top, giving the bag a surprisingly large capacity for its size.  The MTX also uses Topeak’s QuickTrack system making for easy, tool-free mounting and dismounting, and includes both a carrying handle and shoulder strap for off-bike use.  Like all of Topeak’s products, this bag includes both a reflective strip and a tail-light mount.

3. Topeak MTX Trunk Bag EXP

If you’ve got some serious cargo to haul, this bag is perfect for you. The divided main compartment is similar to the Trunk Bag EX, but the EXP adds two expandable side compartments giving it a substantial 1,010 in3 of space for everything from your computer to your groceries to a spare outfit (or three). This bag will accommodate pretty much anything you may need to haul.  This bag has all the features of the EX, including QuickTrack mounting, a shoulder strap and handle for off-bike functionality, and both a reflective strip and tail-light mount. This is a serious bag.

4. Axiom Cartier DLX Panniers

These panniers by Axiom are relatively straightforward, and provide an enormous 33 L (2,013 in3.) of space for whatever you may need. In addition to numerous outer pockets and compartments for small items, these bags have bungee cables on top for further storage and double-layer lower panels for great durability.  This bag attaches to your bike with an adjustable bungee system. While it’s not quite as quick or easy as the Topeak rear rack bags to mount or dismount, it also doesn’t require that you have a proprietary rear rack on which to mount it. The Axiom logos on each face of the bag are reflective for added safety.

5. Topeak Aero Wedge Pack w/ Straps, Large

Another affordable offering from Topeak, this wedge pack is essentially the same as bag # 1 on our list, but offers a little more room for a few more dollars. Whereas the Micro has a capacity of 25 in3, the Large size boasts a capacity of 90 in3 or 120 in3 with the compartments expanded. The other cool thing about this pack is that it includes a built-in holder for your tire pump.  The reason that this bag comes in significantly further down our list than its Micro cousin is that its large size does cause problems with some bikes. Depending on your posture and the position of your saddle, this bag may hit the back of your legs or even rub your inner thighs. As inconsequential as it may sound, this can be maddening on longer rides.

As with anything, the best bike bag for you is ultimately going to be determined your needs. If you don’t have much hauling to do, one of Topeak’s Aero Wedge Packs might be a great choice for you. If you have to carry a lot of stuff to and from work, and especially if you need to carry a change of clothes, one of the rear rack options may be more ideal.

To learn more about these bags and for a more comprehensive selection, check out the‘bags’section atbikestoreguys.com.

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