5 Great Baskets for Your Bike Commute

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5 Great Baskets for Your Bike Commute

As part of National Bike Month, Bike to Work Week is taking place May 13 – 17.  Experienced bike commuters know the importance of having a quality basket to transport items for times when a backpack just won’t do.

If you’re thinking about commuting by bike, a basket is a must-have to carry stuff that’s too big or awkward  to fit on your person or in a bag.

Whether you’re transporting books, shopping bags, or some food you picked up on your way home from work, here are five baskets that do a great job getting you – and your stuff – where you’re going.

Topeak Front Handlebar Basket

Topeak’s designs are easily some of the most innovative and practical we’ve seen. This basket’s wire mesh construction keeps your tiniest items (e.g. keys, ear buds, lip balm) from falling to the pavement in transit. Their “QuickClick” detachable mount and carrying handle make it perfect for quick errands or grocery trips, and you don’t even need to bring a bag.

Wald 135 Grocery Handlebar Basket

This classic wire bike basket from Wald is great for carrying items of a normal size that are a little too heavy for a traditional handlebar basket. In addition to the standard handlebar mounts, this basket has legs that attach to the fork for extra stability.

Topeak MTX Rear Basket

This rear basket has all the perks of the front handlebar basket from Topeak listed above, but is a little larger and easier to ride with because it sits lower and further back. Topeak’s “QuickTrack” rack system, however, is required for quick detachment.

Wald 157B Handlebar Basket

This is a seriously huge basket. At 21” x 15” x 9” this basket can accommodate a long overdue trip to the grocery store, or any of your other luggage-intensive needs. Like the 135, the 157B mounts to both the handlebars and fork to handle heavier loads. This basket makes it possible to go to the record store on your bike and actually come home with vinyl.  That alone makes it well worth the price for us!

Topeak TrolleyTote Folding MTX Rear Basket

This basket is the next step up from the Topeak MTX Rear Basket, and showcases the innovation that Topeak is known for. In addition to being easily detachable, the TrolleyTote has wheels, a telescoping handle, and it’s collapsible for easy storage. Did we mention that it also features a clip for a tail-light? You’ll be hard-pressed to find a basket offering more convenience features than this one!

Selecting the basket that’s right for you has everything to do with your lifestyle and what you’ll be doing on your bike. Do you see yourself buying groceries on your way home from work?  Will you be  carrying bulky items like books that could get uncomfortable in a backpack on long rides?  Will you be riding at night? By asking yourself these types of lifestyle questions, you can then select the basket with the features that best meet your needs. Whatever your preferences, these are all great, durable baskets from companies with excellent track records. There’s really no bad choice here. Safe travels!

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