4 Inexpensive (and Awesome) Bike Handlebars

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4 Inexpensive (and Awesome) Bike Handlebars

Outside of the saddle, there’s no component that affects comfort-level of a bicycle more than the handlebars. For this reason, it’s crucial to thoroughly consider your needs when choosing which set is right for you.

The type of riding you’re doing (mountain, road, touring, etc.), the average length of your ride, and your preferred riding posture should all be factors in choosing the right handlebar for you.

Here are a few options to make your next ride more comfortable without breaking the bank:

UltraCycle Steel 4” Riser Handlebar Black – This riser handlebar from UltraCycle is 600mm wide with a 25.4 mm diameter. Because of its steel construction it is a bit heavier than other, more expensive options, but for mountain biking – especially downhill – this shouldn’t be a huge concern. Add a set of bar ends and you’ll be ready for whatever terrain you may encounter.

Wald Touring Handlebar Chrome-Plated 23” Width, 3” Rise  – From the perennially awesome Wald, we have these ridiculously affordable handmade touring handlebars. In addition to their 23” width, they have a 3” rise and 1”diameter, and accommodate a variety of hand-positions to ensure your comfort on the longest of rides. These bars are also designed to perfectly fit any of Wald’s (also handmade) front baskets.

UltraCycle Fixie Bar– This fixie bar, made from lightweight alloy is great for short urban rides. Its zero-rise, zero-sweepback build and black anodized finish lend it a chic minimal aesthetic. Though not ideal for comfort on long outings, its short 440mm width allows for easy navigation through dense traffic, and the straight bar is great for control on a leisurely rides to and from the coffee shop.

Sinz Expert Handlebar Black 4 ¼” Rise – These BMX-style handlebars from Sinz feature a 2 degree up-sweep, an 8 degree bend, and 22.2 mm diameter. Sinz’s handlebars are designed to help lightweight racers get the optimum pull, power, and handling out of their bikes. Though slightly more expensive than the other options on our list, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another set of BMX bars of this quality for a comparable price.

These are just 4 of many great handlebar options out there, and you can check out more here. This is a relatively small investment that can pay off in a big way – the right handlebars can improve your riding comfort dramatically!

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